Points Get some and trade them

Points are received whenever you make a Top-Up

So, when you Top-Up:
• 50 THB, you get 8 points
• 100 THB, you get 20 points
• 300 THB, you get 70 points
• 500 THB, you get 120 points

Trade in your Points

i-Kool is always looking for new rewards for you to trade for, so keep them saved up for something new around the corner.

i-Kool Points for Days*

Validity Day Redeem Rates
3 Validity Days20 Points
7 Validity Days40 Points
30 Validity Days150 Points

Service Conditions
* Customers can dial *700*5# to check for current available points
* SIM's status must be "Active" at time of request
* Maximum validity can not exceed 365 days
* Validity days can only be excahanged with points accumulated on corresponding SIM
* Points can only be exchanged through i-Kool's Call Center only

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