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i-Kool Net Packages

i-Kool Net 1 GB200 THB30 Days1024 MB

(0.56 THB / MB)

i-Kool Net 3 GB400 THB45 Days3072 MB

(0.13 THB / MB)


* Excludes VAT
Warning: Purchasing i-Kool Net package does not extend your sims validity period.
Please check your sim's validity to ensure uninterrupted use.


If you know all you want is DATA, then this package is right for you (especially on an iPad). Just choose which package suits your needs.

Terms and Conditions

• The service is exclusive of 7% VAT.
• The fee is fully charged promptly on the day and time subscribers apply the package.
• This service is a “One Time Charge”. Once subscribers have applied the package, the package cannot be cancelled, changed, transferred, or postponed.
• i-Kool Net Packages do not roll over or accumulate. When subscribers agree to apply a chosen package, the current package will be cancelled and replaced immediately by the chosen package.
• i-Kool Net Packages are only available when using our domestic service on TOT's network.
• i-Kool Net Packages do not include, and can not be used on domestic roaming services. Standard domestic roaming fees will apply as usual.
• i-Kool reserves the right to amend, change, suspend or terminate terms and conditions of service without prior notice, if there is any regulations, order or policy of relevant government agencies requiring amendment, change, suspension or termination of such service conditions. i-Kool reserves the right to amend, change, suspend or terminate the service terms and conditions as appropriate, the notification of such changes will be notified at least 30 days in advance through the provided channels provided.

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